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Latest Sample Tip... Barbell Curl Squats

This is simply THE best exercise for developing core strength and stability that I've ever used. It's simple in execution and deceptively challenging. If you want to push your big lifts to the maximum, this core exercise will help you develop the core strength necessary to do it.

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Get 1,195 Pages (so far!) of THE Most Unique and Effective Exercises and Programs That Will Get You Literally TWICE the Results in HALF the Time...

My name is Nick Nilsson (that's me below) and I want to share with you THE most effective, unique and downright MIND-BLOWING training information you've EVER seen...


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So if you're sick of getting mediocre results even when you're training your butt off
...or if you're just plain tired of repetitive books and magazine articles full of things you already know... or if you simply want to make the best progress humanly possible, you need the good stuff...the kind of innovative, high-powered "mad scientist" information that you just WON'T find anywhere else online OR in magazines or books.

  • unique and powerful exercises that have NEVER appeared anywhere else - these exercises go WAY beyond the typical exercises. Say goodbye to plateaus in muscle development with these laser-targeted movements.

  • hyper-effective fat-loss and muscle-building programs - the best exercises can be that much better when you have a great training program to put them in. These programs will help you peel off the fat and build PILES of muscle and strength!

  • super-intense training techniques that will simply blow the doors off anything you've ever tried before. Your muscles will have NO CHOICE but to respond and respond FAST!

...all brought to you in a HUGE site that I'm CONSTANTLY updating with great new information.

I'll tell you right now, the information in this site will vault you literally YEARS ahead in your training knowledge. These are the most powerful training secrets I know that have taken me more than 20 years of neverending research and experimentation to come up with. Now I'm bringing them to YOU.

And if you're a personal trainer, let me tell you, this will SET YOU APART from your competition like nothing else - you will have people BEGGING to learn the secrets you teach. Your clients will always come back to you for more AND with the advanced secrets you'll learn in this site, you'll be able to attract a whole new level of clientele - people that would NEVER normally use a personal trainer!

But they'll work with you, because YOU will have the information they CRAVE.

Want to learn more? Explore the site!

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