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Mixed-Grip Pull-Up Traversing...A Challenging Back Exercise That Puts MASSIVE Tension on Your Lats

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This is a cool pull-up challenge that's going to give even a strong chinner a run for their money. From a muscle-tension standpoint, you're also going to have multiple times through the exercise (every rep) where you're supporting your entire bodyweight on one arm.

So not only is it a nice challenge, it's a very cool way to simultaneously vary how the pull-up hits your lats by constantly switching your grip while giving it points of single-arm support to really ratchet up the tension.

And yeah, you'll look a bit strange while you're doing it but what else is new when it's coming from me... ;)

So here's what it looks like (you'll need a chin-up bar for this one obviously - you'll also need to be strong enough to do at least 5 to 10 chin-ups in order to perform it, too).

Start over on the left side of the bar and use an underhand grip with your left and an overhand grip with your right.

Now pull up.

Lower yourself down but not ALL the way down...keep some bend in your elbow to maintain constant tension in the lats.

Because now you're going to take your left hand off the bar and spin your body around 180 degrees and grip it with an overhand grip on the bar when you're facing the other way. You're only gripping one-handed briefly but it puts a big shot of tension on the lat on that gripping side.

Once you've got the grip again, get ready to pull up.

As you can see after spinning around, I've got an underhand grip on the right hand and an overhand grip on the left, which gives that constant switching of grip.

Spin yourself another 180 degrees and go again.

Once you're over as far as you can go on the bar, then work your way back the other way, spinning 180 degrees and pulling up on each rep.

The challenge here is to see how many times you can traverse the bar before either your grip gives out or you run out of steam on the pull-ups.

One little as you're doing these...the trick with getting the spinning down and switching up the grip on each rep is keep your hands and wrists in the same orientation as you spin. Because when you spin, THAT will automatically change the grip for you...it won't come from the wrist.

You'll see that more when you try the exercise than when I'm explaining it in words here. It's going to take a bit of practice but once you get it, this will be a fun chinning challenge for you...gets your brain in the movement as you're doing it rather than just mindlessly doing reps.

It's a GREAT overall bodyweight back exercise...and if you're fairly strong with chins, it's going to give you some nice variety in your back training.

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Your email address is STRICTLY confidential
and will not be shared with ANYONE!





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