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Pre-Exhaust Time/Volume Training For Your Chest...Put Massive Tension and Volume on Your Pecs With This Technique


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Time/Volume Training is one of my favorite training styles. It's an incredibly simple and incredibly powerful concept that you can use with pretty much any exercise (even bodyweight) to load the body in a consistent and easily trackable manner for straightforward progression.

I've got a full article on Time/Volume Training on my Fitstep site, if you're interested in reading the full scoop on it. I'll give you the short version here.

Normally, you'll take a block of time (e.g. 15 minutes for chest) and do one exercise using a weight that you don't change through the entire block of time.

You start out doing sets of 3 reps with 10 seconds rest. When you can no longer get 3 reps, you increase to 20 seconds rest. Then 30 seconds rest. Then 40, etc. You keep going like this until your 15 minutes are up.

This systems tells you when to increase weight with a simple yes/no...if you make it more and 1/3 of the way through your time block on 10 seconds rest, increase the weight next time.

For example, if you're doing bench press with 185 lbs and you keep to 3 reps sets on 10 seconds rest for 6 minutes, increase the weight to 195 lbs next time. If you make 4 minutes, you stay at 185 lbs again.

That's the basic idea behind Time/Volume Training...very simple and very effective. The full article on my site will tell you a lot more about.

Now we come to Pre-Exhaust Time/Volume Training...

It's the same idea only using TWO exercises for the bodypart. For chest, it's going to be dumbell flyes (isolation) and flat barbell bench press (compound).

Pre-exhaust training is where you do an isolation exercise for a bodypart then immediately move to a compound exercise for it. The idea is to pre-exhaust ONLY that target bodypart with the isolation exercise so when you move to the compound exercise, it's that target part that is the limiting factor rather than the secondary movers (like shoulders and triceps, in the case of the bench press).

It's very effective and this style of T/V Training takes this concept to the next level.

For chest, you're going to be alternating 3 rep sets of dumbell flyes and 3 rep sets of barbell bench press.

The first time you do this, go lighter than you think you'll need to (trust me). The pre-exhaust style will ATTACK your pecs. You can always increase next time.

Start with a 3 rep set of flyes. Use tight form on EVERY rep you do with T/V Training. We want to keep form consistent.

Pre-Exhaust Time/Volume Training For Your Chest

I'm using a Step Platform instead of a bench, just fyi. I find it allows me to puff out the chest and get an arch in the lower back, which helps increase pec activation on the flye. You can try this or use a bench or a ball, too.

On a side note, when doing flyes, I like to use an angled position on the dumbells, as you can see. I find this to be much easier on the shoulders than either a palms-facing in or a thumbs-in grip.

Pre-Exhaust Time/Volume Training For Your Chest

Do your 3 reps then get onto the bench.

Pre-Exhaust Time/Volume Training For Your Chest

Pre-Exhaust Time/Volume Training For Your Chest

Now, I'll tell you up front, the first part of this 15 minute block is going to feel easy. It'll feel like you're hardly doing anything...

That feeling won't last.

After going back and forth a few times, you'll start to feel this in the target muscle extremely well. Then, as you build up the volume, you'll REALLY start to feel it.

This is a great method for really focusing on the chest without needing to use heavy weights. You'll put massive tension and volume on the pecs over the course of 15 minutes, with minimal rest.

Give this pre-exhaust training style a try next time you do chest (and do it INSTEAD of your normal chest training - you won't need anything else for chest after this).

Just 15 minutes and your chest will be pumped beyond recognition ;).

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