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Time-Efficient Total-Body Fat-Loss Workout...
15 Minutes, 3 Reps, 3 Exercises....ZERO Rest...

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When I'm pressed for time and still want to crank out a good fat-loss workout, this is one of my favorite methods. It's very simple. It uses just 3 exercises and you'll be done in 15 minutes, having worked just about EVERYTHING in your entire body.

And yes, it basically destroys the excuse that you don't have time to get in a good workout. Trust me, you won't want to (and probably won't be able to!) do any MORE than 15 minutes when you give this one a try.

Essentially, you're going to cycle through 3 rep sets of 3 different exercises for 15 minutes straight...dumbell (or barbell) bench press, chin-ups (or pulldowns, if you can't do chins), and squats (barbell if you have a rack, dumbell if you don't).

You'll take NO rest in between sets...the only rest you get is the time it takes you to start the next exercise (not joking). This is very focused work, which is what makes it so effective for fat loss.

To do this, you'll need to set up an area where you can do these three exercises in close proximity, in order to minimize rest time. If your gym isn't set up well for it, use dumbell exercises as much as possible...generally speaking, those are easier to relocate equipment and work with.

Be very sure to use a moderate weight for all your exercises here. For example, I'm using 85 lb dumbells for bench press, 205 lbs on the barbell squat and just bodyweight on the chins. I could easily do 20+ reps on all of these exercises with those weights.

Trust me...it'll catch up to you...

Begin by doing a 3 rep set of bench press.

Then go immediately to chins-ups (or pulldowns...or dumbell rows...pretty much any good back exercise can be used here).

Then go directly to barbell squats (or any other good leg exercise that will be convenient to setup and use in this fashion).

Then go IMMEDIATELY back to the bench press and keep going...and going...and going...

You will be cycling through these 3 reps sets of these 3 exercises for the full 15 minute block of time.

And remember, it is absolutely CRITICAL that you take no rest other than the time it takes to get to the next exercise. This is what's going to get your metabolism cranking and place tremendous demands on your entire body...muscular and cardiovascular systems.

This will absolutely take away the single most prevalent excuse I hear when it comes to training..."I don't have time".

You DO have time to do this.

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Your email address is STRICTLY confidential
and will not be shared with ANYONE!




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