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DEADLY Pec Training for Developing Even The Most
Stubborn Chest...Time-Volume Hybrid Training

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If chest development doesn't come easy for you and you WANT a great set of pecs, have I got an exercise for you. You're either going to love me...and think I'm a genius...or hate me...and still think I'm a genius... ;).

We're going to combine two of my most potent training techniques...Time-Volume Training and Hybrid Training...to take your chest to a level of tension and pump that it likely has NEVER experienced before.

First things first, I'll explain the basics on how Time-Volume Training works (click here for an in-depth explanation).

  • Essentially, you're going to train a muscle/exercise for a set amount of time...for chest, I recommend 15 minutes.
  • Take a weight you could normally for about 10 reps for and do 3 reps with it. Now rest 10 seconds. Do another 3 reps with it. Rest 10 seconds. Keep doing 3 rep sets on 10 seconds rest until you can no longer get 3 reps.
  • Now rest 20 seconds. And keep going with 3 rep sets until you can no longer hit 3 reps again. Then rest 30 seconds.

This is an incredibly simple and VERY powerful technique. You load your muscles with tremendous volume while using sub-maximal weights and staying well away from failure. It's extremely powerful for building muscle mass due to the extreme time-under-tension it gives you.

Now for the twist...the EVIL twist...

You're going to use a HYBRID Training exercise for Time-Volume Training for chest.

And that exercise is Cable-Dumbell Bench Press.

Now, to give you a little background on what a Hybrid exercise is, you're basically combining two forms of resistance in one movement to overcome strength curve or biomechanical limitations of the exercise. The bench press is a classic example of how this can be INCREDIBLY effective for putting tension on the muscles.

You're going to be combining a dumbell bench press with a cable flye...and doing them TOGETHER in one movement.

To do this, you'll need a set of dumbells and a cable cross-over machine (or a couple of bands that you can attach to solid objects to either side of you). I also recommend ankle harnesses so you can attach yourself to the cables without having to hold the handles (the other option is to loop the cables around the dumbell handle and clip it back onto itself - that works pretty well, too).

A word of advice...with this Hybrid exercise, use a lighter weight than you think you'll need. I'm using 50 lb dumbells and about 20 lbs on the cables. The tension comes on FAST and if you're using too much weight, you'll burn it too soon.

I'm using a Swiss ball here, but you can use a bench as well. I find the ball to be easier for getting into and out of position when doing a lot of volume.

Put your hand through the right harness (or grab the cable handle).

Build a bigger, better chest with Time-Volume Hybrid Training

Then the other.

Cable-Dumbell Press for a bigger Chest

Sit on the bench/ball and grab the dumbells.

Cable-Dumbell Press for a bigger Chest

Now pick them up and rest them on your thighs.

Cable-Dumbell Press for a bigger Chest

Lay back on the ball and get the dumbells into the bottom of the press position.

Cable-Dumbell Press for a bigger Chest

Now press up.

Cable-Dumbell Press for a bigger Chest

Now that you see the movement, you can see the POWER behind this concept and appreciate it.

When you're at the bottom of the press, the dumbells give you their maximum tension on the pecs...the cable flyes, not so much.

As you press up to the top and bring the dumbells together, you lose tension from the dumbells but the cables give you DIRECT inwards resistance for the pecs as you bring the arms across your body.

This means ZERO break in tension as you peform the exercise...

And that, my friend, is absolutely DEADLY when you do it with a Time-Volume Training protocol.

And here's what's going to make it even WORSE (or better, as I like to think of it ;)...

In between sets, instead of setting the weights down, just rest them on your thighs. It will take too much time to set them down and pick them up again. And yes, the cables are exerting low-grade tension the WHOLE time you're supposed to be resting...

Cable-Dumbell Press for a bigger Chest

When you start getting into the 20 and 30 seconds rest, you can start setting the dumbells down on the floor, if you like, but I recomend still leaving the cables attached to you. If you need to take tension off desperately, you wedge your hands inside your legs so your adductors take up the tension instead of the pecs.

Bottom line, at the end of the 15 minute block, your chest is going to be SCREAMING. You'll have placed your pecs under tension for far longer than you're able to with conventional training and believe me...this is going to wake up muscle fibers you didn't even know you had.

Rapid chest development...done.

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Your email address is STRICTLY confidential
and will not be shared with ANYONE!




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