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About My Exercises, Training Techniques and Programs

My Philosophy...

"To truly maximize every single ounce of effort you put into your workouts every day, you must train SMARTER not HARDER."

Anybody can go in the gym and lift weights until they're exhausted. I'm sure you know it doesn't take any special skills or knowledge to do that! But to actually get MAXIMUM RESULTS out of every training session you do, you MUST know exactly what you're doing.

That's where I come in...

I know EXACTLY what I'm doing and I want to show you ALL the secrets, techniques and shortcuts that I know that will vault your gains through the roof! You can read more about me and what I'm all about in a short bio by clicking here, but read on if you want to know more about my exercises and programs that you'll find in my Poweful Training Secrets site...

I'm going to tell you you what makes my exercises and programs so different from just about everything else you'll find out there.

1. CONSTANT Innovation

The first critical step towards getting more out of your training is knowing HOW to get more out of your training. Makes sense, right? But where do you start? Books and magazines can be helpful but soon the information you see is going to start repeating itself.

How many times, on the cover of a bodybuilding magazine, have you read the words "bigger arms now!" or "get a six-pack for summer!"? Most of the time, you'll just get a pile of things you already know, especially if you've been training for awhile.

What resources do you know of that provide you with a
constant stream of innovative new training ideas

In "Powerful Training Secrets," I'm not going to tell you how to do a simple barbell curl and dress it up as though it were a revelation. What I WILL do is tell you how to get MUCH MORE out of your barbell curls by giving you variations on form, intensity techniques, body positions, and more!

And believe me, my intention here is not to knock the magazines - I read them from time to time and I get some ideas out of them from time to time. Heck, I even write articles for them!

But if you're like me, you want new stuff and new ideas for better results ALL THE TIME.


2. Practical, Powerful and Detailed "How-To" Knowledge

When I say "how-to" knowledge, I mean I'm giving you the "make-or-break" details that nobody else thinks to include in their exercise instructions... like exactly how to best get the heavy dumbells you need to fully stimulate muscle and strength gains into the start position of a seated dumbell shoulder press or dumbell bench press WITHOUT INJURY and WITHOUT TIRING YOURSELF OUT for your set.

It's also stuff like:

  • where to grip a dumbell when doing dumbell rows to instantly increase how long you can hold onto it and dramatically increase how much weight you can use. More weight = more muscle for you! Using this simple technique, I was able to do sets of one arm dumbell rows with a 210 lb dumbell with no grip assistance whatsoever (no hooks, straps or wraps)!

  • why you should wear solid-soled shoes or boots when doing squats and deadlifts to maximize your results (and it's not for balance!). If you wear regular running shoes, you've decreased your potential power and reduced your results before you even touch the bar!

  • how small things like which way you tilt the dumbells when doing presses (bench presses or shoulder presses) can mean the difference between an ordinary "ho-hum" set or a muscle-scorching, mass-building blowtorch set!

And these are only a few examples...these are the details that make all the difference in the world for the results you get for the effort you put...and this is the stuff that you'll be getting on an almost-daily basis with your "Powerful Training Secrets" membership.

3. A Blatant Disregard For The "Conventional Wisdom" of Weight Training

Let me put it this way...the moment somebody says to me "this is the way things need to be done," THAT is the moment I start looking at the EXACT OPPOSITE way of doing things. One of the things I've found over many years of training and experimentation is that "conventional wisdom" isn't always the best way to go.

Conventional Wisdom Says:

  • Don't train a muscle two days in a row
  • High rep training won't build muscle mass because you can't use heavy weight
  • Overtraining is a bad thing and should be avoided

My Experience Says:

  • You CAN train a muscle twice a day, six days a week and get great results IF you know how to do it
  • High rep training CAN be done with heavy weight and can be GREAT for building muscle mass
  • Overtraining should be sought out as a major goal of your training if you want FAST results

If you're the open-minded type of person who is looking for alternatives to "conventional wisdom" because you know it doesn't always get the job done, you're going to LOVE the stuff that you're going to learn from me because THAT is what I'm all about.

It's the kind of information that will get you the best results for every bit of effort you put into your training EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And just to be clear, I'm not saying ALL "conventional wisdom" is wrong. But I am saying that, quite often, it could be more right.

4. Laser-Targeted, Highly-Effective Fat-Loss and Muscle-Building Information

Bottom line, when you train, you're trying to burn fat, trying to build muscle and strength, or all of the above!

Not many people I know are training just to stay the same or to get fatter or weaker. I'm going to share with you all the most powerful training, eating and supplementation techniques I've learned in the past 17 years. These are the same techniques that I use with great success every single day.

And not only are you going to get the stuff that I already know (which is a LOT), every time I learn something new that I think is good, I'm going to pass that on to you as well.

I'll tell you:
  • if you really NEED to eat 6 meals a day to gain muscle or lose fat. You may be surprised at the answer. There is hope if you have a busy schedule and can't be making meals and eating constantly!

  • what things will make or break your fat loss progress and what things won't. If you're worried about little things and you're not doing the big things right, your progress will come to a screeching halt!

  • the final word on training first thing in the morning on an empty stomach...is it good, is it bad, is it really that much more effective?

When it comes to burning fat, and building muscle and strength, you deserve to know what's going to work and what's not before you spend your time, money and energy on something. Find out here...my knowledge is your knowledge.

Countless Variations and Improvements to Common Exercises

"Powerful Training Secrets" is not just about new exercises and going against the grain with training programs (as fun as that is!)...I'm also a big fan of constantly trying to improve the results you get from regular exercises. After all, the bench press is a great exercise for building the chest and always will be. And barbell curls will always be a powerful biceps builder. Sometimes, you don't need to change the world, just how you look at it.

So a major goal of my experimentation has always been improving the basic exercises, be it through changes in body position, grip technique, how the exercise is performed, or any other number of ways. You can't go wrong with the basics but you CAN do the basics much better.

You're going to learn:

  • learn how a slight change in where you grip the dumbells when doing regular dumbell curls for biceps can instantly ramp up the muscle-building stimulus on your biceps. In fact, a change of just half an inch on where you grip the dumbells will immediately activate one of the other major functions of biceps (supination - rotation of the forearm so your palm is facing up) to add resistance where a regular grip will not.

  • find out how your foot and leg placement can make or break your bench press. Strange as it sounds, your legs can actually contribute quite a lot to a bigger bench! If you don't know how to properly set your feet and legs, you could be throwing potential poundage right out the window.

  • discover why you need to breathe backwards when doing most back exercises, like pulldowns and rows, to really dig into those lats and make them grow.

    Here's how it works: when you do a pulldown, you should arch your back and puff up your chest as you pull down. This puts the body in the best position to activate the lats. But if you're exhaling as you're pulling down (as the typical form is taught), you're caving the chest in! This throws the load onto the biceps - if you have a hard time feeling your back working when doing back exercises, you're probably breathing wrong (I know it sounds funny to hear it). INHALE as you pull down (inflating the chest and puffing it up naturally) and you'll instantly feel the difference.

So don't think for a second I'm going to tell you not to do squats or bench press or deadlifts with all the new stuff I'll be sending your way. What I WILL tell you is exactly how to get much more out of every single rep of those exercises that you do.

Now I want to tell you about the videos I use to teach you these great new exercises...

Click Here To Learn More About The Videos On The Site



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