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About The Videos

One of THE most important benefits of this site is the HUGE amount of video you're going to see on it. I've got video of almost every single exercise and technique because, as you'll find out, a lot of these exercises and techniques really need to be seen in order to be understood and done properly (and in some cases, believed!).

I don't want you to have ANY doubts as to how anything here is done. So to make sure you know EXACTLY what you're doing every step of the way, you'll find not only a Flash video that shows up right on the webpage, but you'll also be able to view and download Windows Media files as well as Quicktime videos of the exercises in action.

I've included those alternatives in case you prefer those formats or would just like to save the videos to your computer for more convenient viewing when you're getting ready to try things out.

On a side note with the videos, I don't "stage" anything - these videos are shot while I'm actually doing REAL training using full workout weights and pushing to the limit. To be honest, in some cases, I might have even just invented that exercise or technique 2 minutes before shooting the video!

Check out a sample below and be sure to check out ALL the videos in the Free Samples section!


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