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Thigh and Quadricep Exercises

For a complete physique you MUST have powerful legs - simple as that. Without strong legs, you simply won't be able to maximize your overall physique! I've got some KILLER leg exercises that will take your legs far beyond simple squats, lunges and leg presses.

You'll not learn great, new exercises that will build tons of muscle mass but exercises that will refine that mass as well!

Check out these FREE sample exercises and know you'll be getting plenty more all the time!


Backwards Treadmill Running and Walking for the Quads
Posted October 14th, 2006

This unique technique will give you a quad burn and pump that will build up even the skinniest chicken legs. If you have trouble building your quads, check out this one!

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My Super-Powered Back Exercise
Posted October 22nd, 2006

The very best exercise for building ALL the supporting muscles of the back. And it's NOT a back exercise! You can build extraordinary muscle and ENTIRE-BODY strength with this one.

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Incline Dumbell Lunges
Posted March 27th, 2007

Learn an exercise that takes the knee stress out of the lunge exercise and puts it all on the glutes and thighs where it belongs!

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Leg Press Curl Holds
Posted May 22nd, 2007

One of the big problems with the Leg Press is that it's ONLY lower body. Use this technique to turn the Leg Press into a TOTAL body exercise, which is better for mass-building AND fat loss - it's a tough one and very effective!

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Dumbell Zercher Squats
Posted May 20th, 2008

The Zercher Squat is an excellent leg and core exercise. This variation uses a single dumbell to achieve the same results - it's harder in some ways and easier in others. A very good one, though!

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Barbell-End Hack Squats
Posted October 14th, 2008

This is a GREAT one for hitting the thighs with very simple equipment. You just need a barbell and some guts - it's the same sort of movement as a hack squat machine only a whole lot better (you're not totally locked into the movement like with a machine).

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Bent-Over One Leg Dumbell Split Squat on Bench
Posted September 26th, 2009

This is a step up from the standard on-bench split squat, adding in a bent-over body position to incorporate the lower back into the movement as well. This one has great potential for athletic training - single leg, balance, uneven torsion on the body.

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The Most Truly INSANE Leg Exercise I've Ever Come Up With...Rack Sissy Squats To Leg Press
Posted November 10th, 2009

Ok, I realize this one is completely nuts...but let me tell you, the effects you'll get on the quads make this a superstar exercise. It's going to trash your quads from full stretch to a powerful contraction by combining to two distinct exercises into one movement. Even if you never do it, you've gotta see it.

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Suitcase Style One-Arm Deadlifts With Bar Grip
Posted December 22nd, 2009

I'm a big fan of the Suitcase-Style One Arm Deadlift...this version makes a few adjustments and improvements to allow for more reps, more weight, better balance and an increased effect on thighs, more so than the lower back. It's a good one!

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In-Set Superset of Dumbell Split Squats And Forward Leans
Posted February 17th, 2011

If you want to work the posterior chain, glutes, lower back, hams, quads, you name it in the lower body, this exercise is going to do it. You're basically combining dumbell split squats with one-legged stiff-leg deadlifts done in alternating reps...and in High Definition :)

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Switch Leg Split Squats
Posted September 9th, 2011

Training the legs can be boring...not anymore! This version of the barbell split squat is not only fun and challenging, it actually presents the body with some unique training...you'll be forced to start each rep from the bottom at a total dead stop, taking away all elastic tension, which GREAT for building power out of the hole in a squat/lunge movement.

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Range-of-Motion Triple Add Sets - Squats
Posted October 19th, 2012

If you've stubborn quads, this is a technique you'll want to try. You'll be targeting all three major muscle fiber types with three different rep ranges done in three different ranges of motion...in one set. It's a tough challenge and VERY effective for hitting the quads hard.

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Multiple Resistance Weighted Step-Ups
Posted November 15th, 2012

Time to push the limits on what's physically possible! I'll show you how I used 4 separate forms of resistance (total of 415 lbs) for weighted step-ups. This is an incredible total-body exercise that will push you to your limits.

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Here's a list of other powerful thigh and quad exercises available on the full site!

  • Box Squats On a Decline Bench
  • Reverse Leg Press
  • Reverse Leg Press - Bent Position
  • Leg Press Shoulder Press
  • Kettlebell Leg Extensions
  • Barbell and Belt Partial Squats
  • Cable Cross-Over Adductions
  • Partial/Static Hold Lockout Squats
  • Sideways Treadmill Walking For Inner and Outer Thighs
  • Squatting Cable Side Lunges
  • Over-Shoulder Hip-Belt Lunges
  • 4X Resistance Squats
  • Dumbell And Machine Squats
  • Plate-Dangling Band Squats
  • Max Range Dumbell Squats
  • Incline Dumbell Lunges
  • Incline Barbell Lunges
  • Braced Leg Squats
  • Leg Press Curl Holds
  • Step Back Machine Lunges
  • Backwards Treadmill Running and Walking for the Quads
  • Leg Braced Step-Back Lunges
  • Leg Curls Alternating Legs
  • Dolly One Legged Squats/Lunges
  • Barbell Hip Squats
  • One-Legged Partial Squats
  • Top Range Partial Squats
  • Leg Press Glute Kickbanks, a.k.a. Butt Blasters
  • Squat Machine Split Squats
  • Leg Extensions - How To Target Inner or Outer Quads
  • Partial Front Squats
  • Zone Training For Leg Extensions
  • Shoulder Dumbell Squats
  • Shoulder Dumbell Split Squats
  • One Dumbell Front Squats
  • Single Dumbell Split Squats
  • Donkey Barbell Squats
  • Diagonal Barbell Squats
  • In-Rack Split Squats
  • Bottom Squat High-Rep Partials
  • Band Squats
  • Dolly Roll-Back Lunges
  • Jump Squats
  • 1 Dumbell Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Barbell Sissy Squats
  • Zercher Squats From The Floor
  • Dolly Lunges
  • Bench Step Ups to Step-Back Lunges
  • Barbell Squats to Sissy Squats In-Set Superset



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