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Training Techniques

Aside from exercises, I've got some great techniques you can apply to your training not only with unique exercises (like the ones on this site) but the more standard exercises like squats, bench press, rows, etc.

These are training techniques that will help you get the most out of every training session!

Check out these free sample training techniques:


Pile muscle and strength onto your arms with NO back strain
Posted October 26th, 2006

Learn how using a dip belt can help you do barbell curls and pushdowns with more weight INSTANTLY and without back stress.

Read it now!


Backwards Treadmill Running and Walking for the Quads
Posted October 14th, 2006

This unique technique will give you a quad burn and pump that will build up even the skinniest chicken legs. If you have trouble building your quads, check out this one!

Read it now!


Rolled-Up Towel For Bench Press
Posted March 13th, 2007

Learn how this little trick can teach you how to REALLY activate your pecs when you're doing a bench press. Shoulders back is the key - this tricks forces you into that proper position.

Read it now!


Lockout Partial Bench Press Combo For Strengthening Connective Tissue
Posted June 3rd, 2007

Want a MONSTER bench press? You need to use this exercise. Poor connective tissue strength is often what holds people back in the bench press - this technique will fix that!

Read it now!


Front to Back to Wide Stance Squats
Posted December 19th, 2008

This is an excellent tri-set for the legs...you'll be using 3 variations of the squat that vary in challenge, starting with the toughest first and moving to the versions with better leverage as a means to extend the set.

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Posterior Chain Barbell Complex
Posted February 20th, 2010

If you're short on time or looking to crank up your metabolism while on a fat-loss program, this is a great technique. Your'e going to run through 4 big exercises that stimulate maximum muscle mass without once removing or changing your grip on the bar.

Read It Now!


Forearm Dumbell Preacher Curls
Posted March 6th, 2010

This one will trash your forearms using a two-pronged movement that hits them isometrically AND isotonically (with movement). It's a great combo that will leave your forearms toasted.

Read It Now!


No-Rest Lactic Acid Superset - Decline Bench and Bent-Over Rows
Posted May 17th, 2010

For fat loss, there isn't much better than Lactic Acid Training. This style of training optimizes hormone release (especially under very specific dietary conditions). This is an antagonistic exercise pairing that allows you to crank out even MORE reps and MORE lactic acid to maximize the fat-burning effects.

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In-Set Stretch Supersets With Dumbell Curls
Posted February 8th, 2012

If bicep development is one of your goals, THIS is the exercise combination you need to use. It meshes seated dumbell curls with a special version of incline dumbell curls to put MASSIVE tension and stretch on the biceps. They will simply have no choice but to respond!

Read It Now!


Range-of-Motion Triple Add Sets - Squats
Posted October 19th, 2012

If you've stubborn quads, this is a technique you'll want to try. You'll be targeting all three major muscle fiber types with three different rep ranges done in three different ranges of motion...in one set. It's a tough challenge and VERY effective for hitting the quads hard.

Read It Now!

And have a look at these other great training techniques on the site!

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  • Solo Negative Training
  • One Rep Drop Sets
  • Tilting Dumbells When Doing Presses
  • Reciprocal Arm Training
  • Using a dip belt so you can do barbell curls and pushdowns
  • One Dumbell Snatch
  • Where To Grip Dumbells For a MUCH Stronger Grip
  • Elevated Foot Deadlift
  • Cable Cross-Over Static Hold Technique
  • Range of Motion Drop Set For Bench Press
  • Range of Motion Drop Set For Squats
  • Body Position Set Extension Dumbell Swiss Ball Press
  • Preacher Bench Braced Dumbell Curls
  • Between The Legs Dumbell Swings
  • Range of Motion Drop Sets For Deadlifts
  • Kettlebell Running
  • One-Arm Dumbell Bench Press Set Extension
  • Bench To Row Antagonistic Circuit
  • Bicep Superset - Preacher Curl to EZ Curl
  • Tricep Superset - Pushdowns to Close-Grip Push-Ups
  • Heavy Dumbell Swings
  • Chest Superset - Push-Ups to Presses
  • High Rep Deadlifts
  • Medicine Ball Running
  • Round Back Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
  • Death by Deadlifts
  • 1000 lb Partial Squats
  • Death by Deadlifts - Part 2
  • Parallel Bar Dips Drop Set
  • Flyes to Presses...In-Set Superset For Chest
  • High-Rep Rest-Pause Bench Press
  • High-Rep Medium-Weight Dumbell Presses
  • One Hand Barbell Holds for Grip Strength
  • Barbell Forearm Rolls
  • How to Squat With Your Core
  • How to do Heavy Dumbell Bench Press on the Swiss Ball
  • Barbell End Holds For Grip Strength
  • 10 Minute Total Body Destruction



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