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Abdominal Exercises

You want great ab exercises to get that ripped six-pack and a tight waist? How about absolutely mind-boggling core strength? With the ab exercises you'll find in "Powerful Training Secrets," you'll be able to achieve ALL your abdominal training goals!

Plus, you're going to be constantly getting NEW ab exercises all the time!

Check out these exercises from the Free Sample section:


Double Dumbell Swings
Posted November 21st, 2006

Work your abs without even moving your abs! Develop rock-solid rotational core strength with this incredibly effective ab exercise. You will feel this one in the morning...

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Crunch Pulldowns
Posted January 7th, 2007

This excellent ab exercise will really help your six pack stand out! It's a unique angle of resistance that your abs haven't been hit with before.

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Explosive Band Knee-Ups
Posted May 3rd, 2007

For increasing athletic performance, forget crunches. This is a great exercise for building an explosive, powerful core as well as dramatically improving leg speed for sprinting. It works like a charm and it's fun to do!

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Leg Press Curl Holds
Posted May 22nd, 2007

One of the big problems with the Leg Press is that it's ONLY lower body. Use this technique to turn the Leg Press into a TOTAL body exercise, which is better for mass-building AND fat loss - it's a tough one and very effective!

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One Side Loaded Barbell Squats
Posted Oct 23rd, 2007

If you want to build GREAT core strength, this is an ideal exercise to start with. REAL core strength isn't built with crunches or sit-ups. For real core strength, you need to be supporting weight in unusual positions - this uneven squat fits the bill like a champ!

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Forearm Supported Leg Raises
Posted March 7th, 2008

This is a GREAT bodyweight ab exercise that requires minimal setup time but puts tremendous tension on the abs. And, I've got a VERY advanced version for those brave souls who think they have strong abs...

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Band Crawling For Shredded Abs
Posted June 13th, 2008

Nothing like a good ab exercise that leaves you on the floor...how about one that STARTS you on the floor! In this installment, I've got FOUR variations on a theme - crawling on the floor with bands attached to you. This will absolutely SHRED your abs.

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Dumbell Rotational Sets
Posted August 24th, 2008

If you like functional, heavy core training THIS is the one for you...it's one of my very favorite abdominal exercise. You'll need a rack, a heavy dumbell and some guts to perform this one...

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Heavy Dumbell Slides
Posted May 19th, 2009

This is a great core/total body exercise. Simple to do...very practical and functional and VERY effective. You're not going to win any awards for style but if you want good, honest core work, this will do it.

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Dumbell Ab Roll-Outs
Posted June 9th, 2009

Got another ab exercise for you today...this one is a lot like your standard roll-out exercise but with an important distinction...you're going to rolling yourself forward on TOP of a dumbell instead of using a wheel. It's a good one and very little equipment required.

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Back, Chest and Core Push-Pulls
Posted July 12th, 2010

This is one of my favorite "secret weapon" exercises. It hits every major upper body muscle group in one exercise and targets the deep muscles of the core with killer cross-tension! This is one is a HUGE eye-opener the first time you do it.

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Swiss Ball Roll-Ups
Posted December 14th, 2010

This is one of my favorite exercises for hitting the lower abs without placing torque on the lower back. You'll need a Swiss ball and a decline bench to do it and it's going to HAMMER your abs...not just lower but pretty much top to bottom!

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Lying Lower Ab Short Raises - Flatten Your Pooch Belly...
Posted January 20th, 2010

Yeah, I didn't think I'd EVER use that phrase in a sentence but that's how everybody knows that problem area by...the pooch is the bulging lower abdominal area that often doesn't go away even with low bodyfat and abdominal work...THIS exercise is just the ticket to fixing it! Very easy to do and can be done anywhere.

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Ankle Harness and Dumbell Pallof Press
Posted April 29th, 2011

The Pallof Press is a great core training exercise...the addition of a dumbell and the ankle harness allows you to take it to a whole new level of tension on your entire abdominal area. This hits your abs with anti-rotational AND anti-flexion work, effectively doubling the effectiveness of the exercise.

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Feet-Anchored One-Arm Dumbell Press
Posted October 4th, 2011

If you're an MMA fighter, you have to use this one...it's going to develop unreal adductor and core strength so you can exert power when flat on your back with your legs wrapped around something. It's a GREAT lower-ab exercise, too, if you're not an MMA fighter!

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Barbell-Bench Transition Planks
Posted November 19th, 2011

For this plank exercise, you're going to be transitioning repeatedly through two plank positions...flat forearm and straight arm...the key this killer abdominal exercise lies in where you set your feet and how you transition between the two positions.

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Hanging Knee Raises for Upper Abs
Posted April 5th, 2012

Crunches aren't the best upper-abdominal development exercise...not enough resistance. THIS exercise takes upper ab training to a whole new level...it's a hanging knee raise that targets the upper abs with massive tension.

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Barbell Curl Squats
Posted March 5th, 2013

This is simply THE best exercise for developing core strength and stability that I've ever used. It's simple in execution and deceptively challenging. If you want to push your big lifts to the maximum, this core exercise will help you develop the core strength necessary to do it.

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And that is just a SMALL sample of what's available on the FULL site...check out these other ab exercises that I've got in store for you:

  • Ankle Weight Dumbell Toe Touches
  • Fist Pushing Side Leg Raises
  • Cross-Over Pinchy Sit-Ups
  • Flexed Arm Hanging Leg Raises
  • Double Cable Rotations
  • Band Resisted Leg Raises
  • Wide Arm Swiss Ball Cable Crunches
  • Barbell Curl Squats
  • Dolly Roll-Outs
  • Swiss Ball Get-Ups
  • Bench Press Crunch Leg Raises
  • One Leg Anchored Sit-Ups
  • Barbell Swiss Ball Get-Ups
  • Dip Position Leg Raises With Contact
  • Dipping Birds For Abs
  • 3D Abs
  • Dolly Leg Pull-Ins
  • Resisted Pull-Ins
  • Abdominal Dumbell Throw-Up And Catch
  • Medicine Ball Passes
  • Dolly Upper Body Side-To-Sides
  • Side Ab Push-Ups
  • Two Unique Dumbell Squats
  • Medicine Ball Wall Passing
  • Single Dumbell Crunches
  • Band Hanging Leg Raises
  • One Side Loaded Barbell Squats
  • Squat/Calf Machine Abdominal Pushes
  • One Shoulder Barbell Squats For Abs
  • Medicine Ball Gut Slams and Drops
  • Foam Roller Crunches
  • One Leg Dolly Roll-Ins
  • Walk The Plank
  • Medicine Ball Overhead Whip And Foot Catch
  • Foot-To-Hand Kettlebell Raises
  • Lying Swiss Ball Leg Raises
  • Forearm Supported Leg Raises
  • Battering Rams For Core Power
  • Abdominal Sit-Ups With Fists
  • Foot Stacked Hanging Leg Raises
  • Elbow Pushing Crunches
  • Swiss Ball Dumbell Crunches
  • Explosive Bottom-Start Curl Squats
  • Upsidown Hanging Crunches
  • Two Dumbell Ball Twists With Ankle Weights
  • Explosive Leg Raises
  • On-Dumbell Roll-Outs
  • Lat Bar Cable Crunches
  • One Arm Barbell Curl Squats
  • Band Push Crunches
  • Frontal Plane Barbell Tilts
  • Hanging Chair Leg Raises With Barbells
  • Standing Dolly Roll-Outs
  • Kneeling Barbell Tilts
  • Abs on a Treadmill
  • Zercherish Front Squats
  • Bench End Sit-Ups
  • Swiss Ball Low Pulley Crunches
  • Weighted Planks
  • Medicine Ball Self-Passing on the Ball
  • Band Pull-Throughs
  • Cable Knee-Ups
  • Hanging Windshield Wipers
  • Kneeling Cable Knee-Ups
  • Bench End Leg Raise Cable Crunch
  • Rack-Rail Leg Raises
  • Side Partial Deadlifts
  • Cross-Bench Stretched Crunch
  • One Dumbell Power Sliding
  • Wall Climbs For Abs
  • Weight Plate Abs
  • Leg Lock Abdominal Work
  • Sandbag Pizza Toss For Core Strength
  • Small Ball Crunches - Stretch Training For Abs
  • Barbell Roll-Outs and Pull-Ins
  • Single Dumbell Sit-Ups



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