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Tricep Exercises

Well-developed triceps will set your arms apart from everybody else! But to really get those standout, thick horseshoe triceps you're looking for, you need to know what works and what doesn't.

I've got a great selection of powerful triceps exercises and training techniques that will blow your arms up fast!

Check out these FREE sample exercises and techniques for your triceps:


Pile muscle and strength onto your arms with NO back strain
Posted October 26th, 2006

Learn how using a dip belt can help you do barbell curls and pushdowns with more weight INSTANTLY and without back stress.

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Incline Face Away Pushdowns
Posted September 28th, 2006

This extraordinary variation of the pushdown puts multiple stresses on the triceps as you do it - not only by doing the pushdown but your triceps must actually work double-time just keeping the bar in position during the exercise! It's a HUGE increase in tension and you'll feel the difference immediately!

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20 Two Dumbell Cross-Bench Tricep Extensions
Posted July 3rd, 2007

This is an excellent exercise for the triceps, especially when you don't want to load a barbell. It's also one of THE "easiest on the elbows" extension exercises I've ever found!

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Side Lying Pushdowns
Posted Jan 17th, 2008

This version of the pushdown is not likely one you've seen before. By doing this exercise lying on the floor, you actually put MUCH more tension on the triceps by taking ALL the possible cheating out of the movement. VERY effective for hitting the triceps.

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Leg Momentum Lying Tricep Extensions
Posted July 10th, 2008

This is a great way to increase the intensity of the lying tricep extension when you don't have a spotter. You're going to use the momentum of your legs to transfer through the abs and pop the barbell off the ground, even when your tri's are exhausted from a "normal" set.

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Cross-Face Tricep Extensions
Posted February 13th, 2009

This is an excellent assistance/secondary exercise for building up your bench press. It directly hits the triceps in a fashion that complements the bench movement (and other pressing movements) nicely.

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Band Supported Dips
Posted March 11th, 2009

This is a TOUGH variation of the dip. Instead of using bars, you're going to dipping on bands...bouncy, springy training bands. The stabilization requirements of this exercise are just tremendous.

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Partial Tricep Extensions to Partial Close Grip Bench
Posted April 22nd, 2009

Got another GREAT tricep exercise for you here...this one lets you use more weight while actually reducing stress on the elbows. Excellent way to build mass in the triceps, combining two heavy partial movements into one exercise.

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Bodyweight Triceps Extensions to Close-Grip Push-Ups
Posted August 5th, 2009

This is a powerful bodyweight combo for building monster triceps. This will build some serious strength in your arms and is excellent for hypertrophy - all you need is your own bodyweight and a bar or railing to put your hands on!

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Tricep In-Set Superset with Rest-Pause
Posted November 27th, 2009

This is a powerful tricep-trashing technique. You'll not only combine two exercises into one set but you'll also use the rest-pause technique to extend the set AND a burnout at the end. Your tri's will be DONE after just one round through.

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Modified Muscle-Up for Triceps
Posted November 4th, 2010

The Muscle-Up is a GREAT exercise but extremely tough to perform. It requires tremendous upper body strength. This modified version of the exercise takes some of the bodyweight resistance off and changes up the movement to primarily target the triceps. VERY effective for bodyweight tricep training as it becomes a bodyweight pushdown type of movement.

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Now check out these other great tricep exercises available on the site:

  • Doing Dips On A Stair Machine
  • Leg Press Overhead Tricep Extensions and Close Grip Presses
  • Tricep Floor Rollbacks
  • Lying Cable Tricep Extensions
  • Lying Tricep Extensions - a different way to do them
  • Lying Triceps Extensions On The Ball
  • Incline Face Away Pushdowns
  • Incline Face Away Cable Close Grip Presses
  • Hyper Bench Pushdowns
  • Decline Close Grip Bench Press
  • Two Dumbell Cross-Bench Tricep Extensions
  • Two Dumbell Extensions On The Ball
  • Close Grip Barbell Military Press/Extensions
  • Barbell Lever Pushdowns
  • Vertical Barbell Tricep Extensions
  • Low Down Wall Push-Ups
  • Bar on Back Close Grip Push-Ups
  • Close Grip Floor Presses
  • Super Deadlift Bar Overhead Tricep Extensions
  • Tricep Dumbell Superset
  • Reverse Grip Pushdowns
  • Swiss Ball Dumbell Tricep Extensions
  • Wide Elbow Wall Push-Ups
  • Close Grip Dumbell Bench Press
  • Partial Pushdowns
  • Cross-Over Close Grip Push-Ups
  • Zone Training For Decline Close Grip Bench Press
  • Crossed Arm Push-Ups
  • Band Walking For Triceps
  • On Barbell Tricep Extension-Presses
  • Cable Overhead Tricep Extensions
  • Spring Pushdowns
  • Kettlebell Overhead Press/Extensions For Triceps
  • Close-Grip Push-Ups to Bodyweight Tricep Extensions on a Bar
  • Sandbag Weighted Dips
  • Tricep Dumbell Bench Press
  • Cable Overhead Tricep Press



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