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Back Exercises

The back is one of the most impressive bodyparts when fully developed. Learn some excellent exercises and techniques for bringing out every detail as well as building TONS of mass and strength.

Check out these FREE sample exercises and know you'll be getting plenty more all the time!


My Super-Powered Back Exercise
Posted October 22nd, 2006

The very best exercise for building ALL the supporting muscles of the back. And it's NOT a back exercise! You can build extraordinary muscle and ENTIRE-BODY strength with this one.

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Barbell Weighted Chin-Ups
Posted November 5th, 2006

Iif you're in need of extra weight for chins, this variation will give you that like crazy! Instead of a dumbell or belt, you're going to use a barbell for the extra weight...it's a chin-up that can even work your hamstrings!

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Barbell Hang Clean and Press For Explosive Shoulders and Traps
Posted December 10th, 2006

This great shoulder and trap exercise is extraordinary for building power and strength in the shoulders and upper back. Learn the techniques that will help you get the most from it. If you've never done cleans before, you WILL feel this one in the morning!

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Power Dumbell Rows
Posted Sept. 27th, 2007

This is a great variation of the one arm dumbell row that builds power and density in the back. It's a great functional-strength type of exercise that is a cross between a dumbell row and power clean type of explosive movement.

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Front and Back Grip Straddle Deadlifts
Posted Dec 8th, 2007

This is a tough exercise that puts a new wrinkle on the deadlift. Instead of picking up the bar in the normal fashion, you'll be taking it 90 degrees different! This position will help build great deadlift and core strength. Awkward lifts like this are excellent for injury prevention.

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Hand-Over-Hand Chin-Ups
Posted March 9th, 2008

Best chin-up variation EVER...I just love this one for hitting the back HARD. Instead of just doing normal chins, you're going to "walking" your hands up and down the bar as you're doing them. It's continous tension AND there's a point on each rep where ALL the tension is on ONE lat!

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Weighted Chin-Up Drop Sets
Posted November 6th, 2008

The chin is one of the primary exercises for developing your back. This chin technique will take your back training to a whole different (and challenging!) place.

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Rows to Deadlifts In-Set Superset
Posted February 20th, 2009

If you're looking to accomplish the most overload on your back in the shortest amount of time, this exercise fits the bill. You're going to combine rows and deadlifts into one set in a very specific fashion. VERY tough to do.

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High Rep Deadlifts
Posted October 18th, 2009

Deadlifts are usually thought of as a low-rep exercise...but you CAN do them for high-reps, too! It can be extremely productive, even for building top-end strength.

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Heavy Alternating Dumbell Rows
Posted April 3rd, 2010

This version of the dumbell hits the back hard but also targets the core with some great cross-tension. You'll be rowing two dumbells in a see-saw fashion, which is what puts the cross-tension on.

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Power Rack Deadlift "Machine"
Posted June 14th, 2010

Time for a killer deadlift variation...this one allows you stand in the middle of the resistance so you don't have to work the bar around your knees. Great if you have lower back issues but still want to do deadlifts!

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Incline Bench Pulldowns
Posted August 31st, 2010

This is a GREAT postural training...it hits the small muscles of the upper back, bringing out great detail in the muscles while helping to pull your shoulders back into alignment.

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One Arm Cable Back Extensions
Posted October 12th, 2010

It can be tough to really dig in and hit the small stabilizing muscles of the spine...most exercise for the lower back tend to focus on either big weights (deadlifts) or movement in the sagittal plane (forward and back, not rotational or side to side). This exercise accomplishes it with ZERO twisting on the spinal column.

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Mixed-Grip Pull-Up Traversing
Posted May 28th, 2011

With that title, it's hard to imagine what this one looks like...but it's a GREAT back exercise that constantly changes your grip on the bar while you're moving up and down the length of the chin-up bar...and it has moments where you're supporting your entire weight on one arm! GREAT back training.

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Barbell-End Neutral Grip Chin-Ups
Posted August 24th, 2012

If you want to train your grip strength, you HAVE to work with fat bar training...but what if you don't have a fat bar or access to Fat Gripz accessories? THIS is your solution...you'll be doing chin-ups gripping on the ends of the bars where the plates normally go. It's an easy setup and a challenging exercise!

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And that is just a SMALL sample of what's available on the FULL site...check out these other back exercises that I've got in store for you:

  • Rack-Rail Hyperextensions
  • Standing Superman Raises
  • Band Gripping Chin-Ups
  • Barbell Weighted Chin-Ups
  • Forehead on Bench Rows
  • Weight Plate Rows
  • Why You MUST Breathe Backwards When Working Your Back
  • Tilting Front Pulldowns
  • An Amazing Back Superset
  • Lateral Pull-Ups
  • Fast Half Chin-Ups
  • 2 Handle Pulldowns
  • Dolly Seated Cable Rows
  • Continuous Tension Deadlifts
  • Decline Lying Pulldowns
  • One-End One-Arm Barbell Rows
  • Heavy Dumbell Renegade Rows
  • Pulldowns to Chin-Ups
  • Two Bar Pull-Ups For Back Width
  • Plate Gripping Barbell Rows For Upper Back
  • Incline Bench Pulldowns
  • Plank One Arm Dumbell Rows
  • Benchless One Arm Dumbell Rows
  • Incline Bench Cable Rows
  • Sitting on Bench Dumbell Rows
  • Wide Elbow Close Grip Pulldowns
  • Full Range Pulldowns
  • Leg Anchored Dumbell Rows
  • Upsidown Grip Pulldowns
  • Seated Deadlifts
  • Extreme Range Deadlifts
  • Rotating Grip Pull-Ups
  • Lockout Partial Deadlifts
  • One-End One-Arm Barbell Deadlifts
  • Outer-End Barbell Deadlifts
  • Feet on Bench Band Pull-Ups
  • Barbell Rows to Shrugs In-Set Superset
  • One End Loaded One Arm Deadlifts
  • Chin-Ups and Barbell Rows In-Set Superset
  • Upside-Down Pull-Up Rows
  • Cross-Grip Chin-Ups
  • Swiss Ball Reverse Hyperextensions
  • Sumo Barbell Rows
  • Power Barbell Rows Off The Floor
  • Scapular Retractions For Serratus and Lats
  • Suspender Deadlifts



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