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Here's where things that don't fit into the "exercise" category go. This is very valuable information that will really open up your eyes to the reality of training and nutrition! I'm putting forward my 17 years of training experience for YOU to benefit and learn from.

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Why Your Big Toe Is Your Key To Great Calves
Posted August 10th, 2007

Calves are notoriously tough to build. But are you shooting yourself in the foot by using the WRONG part of your feet when doing calf exercises? Learn why your big toes are THE most important things to focus when doing calf raises. The effects on your calves will shock you!

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Resistance-Cardio with a 500 lb Barbell
Posted March 18th, 2011

This is cardio done with VERY heavy weight...maybe not in the way you think, though! You'll be pushing and pulling the bar across the floor, not actually lifting the thing! Learn 5 cool drills here.

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"Dead" Treadmill Glute Cardio Training
Posted August 3rd, 2011

Regular powered treadmill training leaves the glutes out in the cold...use this special treadmill technique and you will FORCE the glutes do most of the work and develop them FAST rather than just having them along for the ride! If you want a better, stronger butt, THIS is the way to do your cardio.

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In this section, you'll learn things like:

  • Do You Really Need To Eat 6 Meals a Day to Get Results? How I Do It With 3 Meals a Day
  • Unloading and Working the Lower Back On The Ball
  • Ballistic Barbell Bench Press Warm-up
  • Make Your Own Thick Handles CHEAP!
  • How to Stretch Without Stretching
  • What Will Make Or Break Your Fat Loss Routine and What WON'T
  • Training For Fat Loss On An Empty Stomach
  • How To Get Dumbells Into Position For Incline Presses
  • An Easier Way To Get Plates Onto the Bar For Deadlifts
  • Getting Dumbells Into Position For Swiss Ball Pressing
  • Clean and Press Burpees
  • Band-Resisted Treadmill Running
  • Resisted Breathing - With a Dumbell
  • Getting In And Out of a Heavy Weight Vest
  • Barbell Farmer's Walk
  • Carbs - Eat 'Em When You Earn 'Em
  • When Can You Have TOO Much Training Variety?
  • The Poor Man's Ab Wheel
  • Sandbag Shuttle Runs
  • Kneeling Sandbag Shouldering
  • Sandbag Throw/Slides
  • One-Arm Sandbag Cleans
  • Training With Muscle Soreness...Can It Actually Get You BETTER Results?
  • 4 Minute Total-Body Sandbag Workout



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