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My affiliate program is simple: all you need to do is refer people to our site through your special affiliate link and, if they buy a monthly membership, you'll get 75% of the money continuously FOR AS LONG AS THEY ARE MEMBERS on the monthly pay schedule!

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On the recurring commission program with monthly members, you only have to refer a person once to keep making money from that sale for as long as they remain a member!

I run my affiliate program through Clickbank (one of THE biggest affiliate program providers in the world). They take care of all billing and affiliate payments and they're VERY well-respected.

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Here's how the Affiliate Program works:

  • In order to receive commission payments, you must have a valid Clickbank account (which you can get free by clicking here).
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Each visitor referred through your link is tracked via Clickbank's 2-month cookie on their computer.

  • This means that even if they don't buy a membership the first time they view the site, even if they return later and buy a membership (as long as it's within Clickbank's 2 month cookie time limit), you'll still get credit!
  • We do the follow up and the referral commissions will still be yours!
  • Every 2 weeks, Clickbank will pay you for sales generated through your referral link.

Terms of Affiliation
  • Do not make any promises, guarantees, or misleading claims on my behalf, or in any way represent yourself as an employee or agent of "PowerfulTrainingSecrets.com".
  • Never send out any unsolicited email (spam) advertising "PowerfulTrainingSecrets.com".

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When you sign up for the program, you will be immediately taken to the PowerfulTrainingSecrets.com Affiliate area where you will get your linking code and access your affiliate tools.

Good luck!! If you have any questions at all about the program, please don't hesitate to contact me (Nick Nilsson) anytime at betteru@fitstep.com!!

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Terms of Affiliation

Hint: be sure to start off by sending out the "announcement" email to your mailing list and start generating immediate recurring income!



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