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Chest Exercises

Building a great chest is high up on the list of just about everybody. I've got some unique exercises and techniques for getting the most out of your chest training. Forget plain old bench presses! While those can be good, they'll only get you so far. You've got to really expand your horizons to build your best chest possible.

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Concentration Flyes
Posted October 30th, 2006

Want an exercise that carves detail into the inner chest? And guess what...it's not a pec deck or cable cross-over...it's a free weight exercise!

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Rolled-Up Towel For Bench Press
Posted March 13th, 2007

Learn how this little trick can teach you how to REALLY activate your pecs when you're doing a bench press. Shoulders back is the key - this tricks forces you into that proper position.

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Lockout Partial Bench Press Combo For Strengthening Connective Tissue
Posted June 3rd, 2007

Want a MONSTER bench press? You need to use this exercise. Poor connective tissue strength is often what holds people back in the bench press - this technique will fix that!

Read it now!


Zone Training For Dumbell Bench Press
Posted April 5th, 2008

If you're not familiar with Zone Training, you're going to LOVE this concept. You'll finally be able to work EVERY phase of the range of motion of the bench press with maximal resistance without having to change weights. This means full resistance at the bottom AND full resistance at the top! It's a GREAT one.

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Reverse Band Barbell Bench Press
Posted July 28th, 2008

If you want a BIG bench, THIS is the exercise that'll put you over the top. You'll find out how to use 100 lbs or more than your 1 rep max in a normal bench press to really overload the muscles according to their ideal strength curve. Bottom line...GREAT exercise.

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High Rep Incline Bench Partials
Posted January 20th, 2009

Partials are excellent for developing connective tissue strength. This high-rep technique on the incline barbell bench will go a long way towards improving your shoulder girdle and upper pecs!

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Low Pulley Push-Up Walk-Ins
Posted April 26th, 2010

Combine the power of a classic bodyweight chest exercise with direct lateral resistance trying to pull your hands out from under AND two other added elements of resistance and you've got yourself a killer chest exercise that'll light your pecs up!

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Inwards-Resisted Band Bench Press
Posted June 30th, 2011

Learn the most unique use of the training band you've ever seen with this version of the barbell bench press. You're going to use the bands to strategically apply INWARD tension on the pecs while pressing, effectively doubling the tension you put on the pecs while benching.

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Shifting Grip Bench Press for Inner Chest
Posted January 12th, 2012

In this case, it's good to be shifty...you'll be doing a set of bench press where on each rep, you'll be shifting your grip slightly inwards (I'll tell you how). This will LIGHT UP the inner chest and target the triceps very strongly.

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Heavy High-Tension Cable-Dumbell Bench Press
Posted June 28th, 2012

Put MASSIVE tension on your pecs with this Hybrid combination exercise. You'll put together dumbell bench presses with cable flyes to maximize the tension on your pecs from bottom to top. It's a deadly-effective combination.

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Time-Volume Training for Chest Using Hybrid Cable-Dumbell Bench Press
Posted January 28th, 2013

This technique is evil...you'll combine two of my most potent ideas into one. If your chest is lagging in development, this will put MASSIVE tension on it for an extended period of time and it will result in FAST development of the pecs.

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And check out all the other chest exercises and techniques you'll get on the site!

  • Using the Decline Bench for Incline Pressing
  • Decline Bench Kneeling Cable Cross-Overs
  • Power Rack Weighted Push-Ups
  • Straight Bar Chest Dips
  • Concentration Flyes
  • One Dumbell Front Raises for Upper Chest
  • Cable Downward Cross-Presses For Inner Pecs
  • One Arm Barbell Bench Press
  • Uneven Push-Ups and Pivoting One Arm Push-Ups
  • Decline bench kneeling cable cross-overs
  • Barbell Swiss Ball Bench Press
  • Suspended Band Push-Ups
  • Foam Roller Flyes
  • Rolled-Up Towel For Bench Press
  • How To Do VERY Heavy Dumbell Flyes Safely
  • Lockout Partial Bench Press
  • Barbell Floor Presses
  • Band Push-Ups In The Rack
  • Slight Incline Barbell Bench Press
  • Band Plate Dangling Bench Press
  • Close Grip Flared Elbow Bench Press
  • Swiss Ball Barbell Bench Press
  • Standing Incline Barbell Bench Press
  • Incline Flyes Higher On The Bench
  • Dumbells-Together Bench Press
  • Reverse Alternating Dumbell Bench Press
  • Half-Range Partial Bench Press
  • Low Pulley Push-Ups
  • Low Pulley Dumbell Push-Ups
  • High Rep Incline Bench Bottom Range Partials
  • How to Do The Perfect Bench Press Rep
  • Upper Chest Cable Flyes
  • Decline Dumbell Floor Press
  • High-Rep High-Speed Bench Press
  • Half-Range High-Rep Bench Press
  • Side Ball Push-Ups
  • One-Side Partial Bench Press
  • Ground Partial Bench Press
  • High-Rep Dumbell Floor Press
  • Cable Flyes on the Swiss Ball
  • Rail Flyes



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