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Maximize Your Arm Size With Range-of-
Motion Triple Add Sets for Reverse Curls

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If you want to maximize your arm development, whether it be overall size, bicep peak or if you just want them to look better, you need to do Reverse Curls.

Honestly, it's one of the most underused arm exercises in existence, primarily because to do it properly, you have to use a lot less weight than with regular-grip barbell curls. This takes the ego out of the equation.

Here's the thing, though. If you really DO want to truly maximize your arm size, the brachialis muscles (which the Reverse Curl works) have tremendous growth potetial simply BECAUSE they're generally so underworked in most people.

When you start to focus on them, you can really see some big changes in your arm development, not only in size but in bicep peak (when the brachialis is developed, it actually pushed the bicep up from underneath, helping improve the look of that peak).

So let's get down to business with this technique...the Range-of-Motion Triple Add Set.

This technique is designed to target every major muscle fiber type in the muscle you're working...Type 1 (endurance), Type 2a (hypertrophy) and Type 2b (power and explosiveness).

You're going to do this not by changing the weight you're using but by changing the range of motion that you're using in an exercise.

With the Reverse Curl, you're going to start by doing a very high rep set of top-range partials of the exercise. Here's what it looks like (and I'm just using an empty Olympic bar for this...you don't need much weight when it comes to this exercise and this technique).

As you can see, it's a VERY short range of motion. You're going to as many reps as you can with this range...in the order of 30 to 50+ reps. This is going to target those Type 1 endurance-oriented muscle fibers.

Now you'll set the bar down and rest 10 seconds.

Pick it up and do a HALF range curl, staying in the top range just above the sticking point. Aim for 6 to 8 reps on this one, using strict form and no bouncing at the bottom.

That will target the Type 2a muscle fibers.

Now set the bar down and take 10 seconds rest.

Pick it up and do 1 to 3 FULL range, very strict reps with the bar.

At this point, even the empty bar is going to be tough to do a strict rep with.

Now you're done! Your arms will be swelled up like balloons after completing this 3-part series. You've targeted all the muscles in a muscle that rarely gets a lot of work and it will generate some excellent growth.

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Your email address is STRICTLY confidential
and will not be shared with ANYONE!




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